Lobster and aquaculture // Studying interactions on Canada’s East Coast

Awareness Bilingual Documentary Interviews Nature Science

On Canada’s east coast, Fisheries and Oceans Canada scientists conduct studies into the impacts that aquaculture may have on lobsters and crabs. KÖBB Media produced this documentary video to help DFO raise awareness about how their scientists collect data both in the field and in their labs.

Cap Tourmente National Wildlife Area

Aerial Bilingual Landscapes Nature Promo

We shot this promotional video over the course of multiple seasons. The Cap Tourmente National Wildlife Area (near Quebec City, QC) made up of marshland, plains and forests, is located on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River.

St. Andrews Biological Station

Aerial Bilingual Corpo Landscapes Nature Science

KÖBB Media produced this video in an effort to raise awareness about the research undertaken by scientists at work within St. Andrews Biological Station’s walls and outside in the field.

Innovative Woman of Science // Dr. Viola M. Davidson

Aerial Awareness Bilingual Portrait Science

Paving the way for future generations of women scientists, Dr. Viola M. Davidson’s contributions to science remain a lasting legacy. This video was produced from old photographs and aerial footage that we filmed during our shoot at the St. Andrews Biological Station.